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Meliton Ltd offers a comprehensive full package for Registration Company in Bulgaria. Our Legal services offered through business team who specializes in Bulgarian market.

Company registration process in Bulgaria starts with briefing and detail discussions about your company business plan as for legal, insurance and accounting issues.

Steps are as follow:

1. Our Meliton team prepares for signing all documentation required as (contract registration Act, protocols, declares) for the company registration process.
2. Opening and deposit your initial capital into your bank account. Minimum capital is 1 Euro = 1.95 Lev (We kindly advise for higher initial capital for accounting and prestige reasons).
3. Completion and signing for attorney documentation required to the notary office with oral translation documents concern your registration company in Bulgaria.
4. Submit all documentation package in the commercial register of Bulgaria.

Our company informs you about your new VAT number and company launch.

Company Registration Package in Bulgaria (Limited liability-LLC) (single or multifaceted).

  • Includes the preparation and completion for all documentation required for the company registration process.
  • Translation for all the documents in any European language.
  • Submit all documentation in the commercial register of Bulgaria.
  • Providing corporate stamp with invoice form of the company.
  • Assistance for opening initial and corporate bank account with payment.
  • Listing of the Company's system VIES.
  • Notary and legal fees.
  • Translation assistance with the social services/banks.
  • Listing of your company in our office address (for 1 year).
The estimate total time of the procedure is 2 weeks. 
Estimate time for companies enter into VIES system is plus 1 week.

Your company is ready to launch

Company costs
startup Bulgaria
Listing of your company to our office address. (Charging starts from 2nd year).
  • Monthly accounting cost.
  • Insurance cost - covering the basic national health package for the company administrator.
  • Insurance cost - covering the basic national health package for the employee (if any).
  • Yearly company balance sheet and publication to national government newspaper.

Please note that we extra charge for every additional services. 

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