Thursday, 11 October 2012

Meliton At Glance - Start you Business in Bulgaria now

eliton Group is a consulting firm founded in March 2012 in Bulgaria. Our main focus is to provide with high quality of services in the field of business organization in Bulgaria. After the entry of Bulgaria into the European Union in 2007, a number of important benefits obtained for potential investors due to attractive business environment and investment opportunities it offers. For those reasons, Meliton Ltd encourages you to set up or to transfer your business in Bulgaria providing a full package with legal and accounting services. Our team care about your business future, with consistency and accountability to your investment.

  •  Low taxation of individuals 10% (Flat Tax)
  • Corporate tax 10% (Flat Tax)
  • 5% tax on dividends
  • VAT 20%
  • Minimum required capital for investment is 2 lev = 1 Euro.
  • Tax refund within 30 days.
  • 0% tax in parts of Bulgaria with high unemployment.
  • 0% tax on intro-Community transactions.
  • Stable banking system.
  • Signing international agreements in force on the avoidance of double taxation in most EU countries.
  • Avoid complicated tax systems.
  • Bulgarian invoices are recognized across Europe.
  • Multiple use of the company's activity.
  • Short distance from important trading paths as Greece, Romania, Turkey
  • Low insurance contributions.
  • Low accounting cost.
  • Low labor costs.
  • Perfect use for e-shops and products for imports - exports within the European Union.
  • 2 years VAT exemption for equipment imports and approved investment plans for over 5 million euros, creating at least 50 jobs.
  • Tax depreciation for 2 years for buying new computers and production equipment.
  •  Easy access to the Russian Market.

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