Thursday, 29 November 2012

Register for VAT - Bulgaria

Register for VAT The Value Added Tax Act (promulgated on August 4, 2006 in State Gazette issue 63) became effective on January 1, 2007 (Bulgaria's EU accession date). Under this new law, the company may voluntarily register for VAT purposes at any time, because the current threshold requirement has been abolished. 

A voluntarily registered person shall remain VAT-registered for 24 months starting from the beginning of the year following the year of VAT registration. The company must register for VAT purposes in Bulgaria if its turnover for 12 consecutive months exceeds BGN 50,000. Specific grounds for obligatory registration for VAT purposes apply when:

 • A person from an EU member state who is not established in Bulgaria and provides taxable supplies of goods that are to be assembled or installed in Bulgaria by that person or at his or her expense (if the recipient is not registered for VAT in Bulgaria)

 • A person from another EU member state supplies goods to Bulgaria exceeding total value of BGN 70,000 under the conditions of distance sales of goods within a given calendar year 

• A person (whether resident or not) performs taxable intracommunity acquisitions in Bulgaria exceeding BGN 20,000 within a given calendar year 

• A person (whether resident or not) receives supplies of services under chargeable supplies having place of performance on Bulgarian territory with respect to which the VAT is due by the recipient 

• A Bulgarian resident performing supplies of services having place of supply the territory of another EU member state

*1 day (filing), about 12 days for final registration

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